started going back to school mostly full time now i work on the weekends its a bit scary actually i know for so long i have been putting school on the back burner but i am finally putting it on the front one for the next two years so i can be done!!! still have noooo idea what i want to do in the future but isn’t that what going to college is all about figuring out what you like and what makes you happy and what truly inspires you? thats what i am hoping to find actually…as an art student i feel like that i exactly what we are always looking for

i also am taking a photography class which i have to admit i am scared, i haven’t taken a formal class since 2009 and my professor hated me…well he didn’t like the way i shot photos…um sir I’m sorry but you are here to give me constructive criticism not completely fuck with my head…so yea thats always in the back of my mind most of the time i don’t do things because i am scared to fail so most of the time i don’t do much of anything but i have to fucking suuuuck it up and just go its now or never and i have accomplished many things when i set my mind to it. i have worked for 2 years in the same place getting yelled at and bitched at by my boss and by rude customers and i have stayed strong and built up and ok savings. now its time to finish school!!!