So because of my school schedule I have to work on the weekends….meaning I don’t have any free time thus I cannot ask off any day of the weekend to do school related things like this afternoon my bf is going tailgating for our schools football team I want to go but I have work meanwhile I am also super stressed out because I like to make lots of money to save it. It’s a safety blanket of sorts. And now because I’m stressed I have been bickering with my bf and just making myself upset for no reason…I’m so annoying

And I need a hair cut right now I feel like my hair has no shape, it just sits there I want nice face framing layers that will as some volume and that when I don’t style my hair will have a natural wave or something, I don’t think I am asking for much here

Also…I am bored of everything that I wear I feel so boring!

I am having one of those days where I just couldn’t find out what to wear to class so I pick something I think is cute this obey baseball tee with my denim shorts and some gladiator sandals….but when I get to school I hate it and my hair is up in a pony tail and I just don’t feel pretty….I prob have the lowest self esteem in the whole girl population because a lot of ppl tell me that I am pretty but I just don’t see it sometimes. How do you learn to see it?!? How??